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 Meet 36-year-old Colin O’Hara, Hall of Fame professional baseball player, software executive and British Duke. Colin heads to Boston when he is alerted his beloved sister has gone missing.

    Not only has Jessica O’hara gone missing, Colin is also unable to contact his mother, the venerable, Evelyn O’Hara. Evelyn is in a battle with lung cancer from years of smoking, quietly losing the battle.

     Colin’s energy and heart are divided between his children, who do not believe he is their father, and tennis-superstar-turned-fashion-model Nancy Anderson. Nancy, a European royal, is engulfed in a conspiracy by the Hoogenband Group, consisting of European Royals and the world’s richest unbeknown to her. The group’s mission is to control the world’s banking system.

     When the “Aztec Phenom” arrives in Massachusetts, he enlists his best friends/brothers, former NHL tough guy Darryl Akers and Falmouth detective Mark Holman, to search for Jessica.

    Colin also has the President and First Lady on speed dial if needed. Colin Keegan O’Hara is the man that kings and queens, prime ministers and presidents turn to when needed.

     There is definitely trouble brewing at the old ball game.


Meet The author

 A modern day author in the style of Ian Fleming and Tom Clancy, Calan Hunter is no stranger to cyber security, military intelligence and covert operations. Now a rather eccentric recluse, Calan spends his days writing longhand on yellow pads as he finds the practice cathartic…a wonderful departure from his years at a computer’s keyboard. Calan’s first trilogy, Parallel Relativity, follows the journey of Cristopher Mointz, an athlete turned history professor recruited to re-live his life, from the age of eight, be elected President in 2016, and avoid nuclear devastation, in the First Parallel. Nothing like an exciting political thriller with romance thrown in.

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It was my pleasure to be on Melinda Rivera’s ‘Debate date with Melly’ podcast. I look forward to joining Melinda again soon. Click on the link below to watch the podcast. 


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