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        Killian Collins was living a dream. The former Ivy League football star joined the Newcastle Falcons as a member of their much-celebrated rugby team in Newcastle, England. A contingent of Premier League rugby stars from England went to Australia to participate in a month-long all-star rugby tournament. Kilian’s life becomes embroiled in a caper for the ages with a beautiful co-ed, whose mother becomes missing with very little clues, to go on, to find her.

     The co-eds’ mother, who had spent plenty of years on a stripper pole before becoming management in the industry, was entrenched within the Sydney underground, and because of the industry and the unsavory and corrupt individuals in it, it’s a very large net to cast in looking for a missing person, and not being sure where to start. Her head was on several chopping blocks, at one time or another, as the co-eds’ mother had half the state in  fear because of her associations with the ruthless.

     Reluctantly, Killian cannot resist the beauty and innocence of his newfound friend, swearing to her that he will use all his powers to help find her mother. A former Army Reservist, Killian knows a thing or two about investigations from his experience as an MP In Afghanistan and his auxiliary policework in Nantucket.

     Backed by his Boston Police detective father and former fire captain grandfather, who both have deep connections to some of the old guard in the Irish Republican Army, Killian promises to do anything, anything, to assist his new friend. The problem for Killian, what exactly will it cost him to complete the task?

A modern day author in the style of Ian Fleming and Tom Clancy,
Calan Hunter

Meet The author

A modern day author in the style of Ian Fleming and Tom Clancy, Calan Hunter is no stranger to cyber security, military intelligence and covert operations. Now a rather eccentric recluse, Calan spends his days writing longhand on yellow pads as he finds the practice cathartic


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